Stefan Levin is a swedish composer, guitarist and music producer, known for his signature blend of acoustic instruments with electronic sounds. His style could be described as “Nordic noir”.

Levin’s affinity for contemporary, modern dance has brought his music to major dance venues over the world, performed by companies such as the Cullberg ballet, Stockholm 59° North, The Royal Swedish Ballet, Opera du Rihn, Monte-Carlo Ballet and Acosta Danza.

Levin composes music also for films. 2016 he had four premieres, among them “Prison Sister” a collaboration  with Emmy-award winner Nimafilm. 2017-2018 he is making music for 7-8 films.


Stefan also has a guitar duo with Hans Nyman (
They released their first album “TRIP” in 2014, followed shortly by a second release “Lost & Found” in 2015. Their third album “Drift” appeared in October 2017.


Levin runs his own studio in central Stockholm since 2003.

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