Upcoming in May
at 19.00 Riddarsalen, Stockholm
Violinist Jan Stigmer with Stockholm Sinfonietta plays The Rondo Galante from N. Paganini’s 4th Violinconcerto in arrangement by Levin:
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Flutist Göran Månsson with Nordic Chamberensemble plays tunes by Månsson in arrangement by Levin:

Nordiska Kammarorkestern



Göran Månsson
Göran Månsson






Have a pre-listening to the first track on the album “Traces”


Pressrelease Levin: Album release “Fogdogs – Traces From the Other Side”
A completely new album by Levin with music deriving from the ambient music tradition. Lean back and get transported towards the other side – where interruptions, sudden moves and real time don’t exist…

Pressrelease Nyman/Levin: Single release
The swedish Guitar Duo Nyman/Levin (www.nymanlevin.com) releases the single “Spring”.
“You might hear the piece as the rather slow moving swedish transition from a long winter to spring, where the green colours arrives with a certain hesitation, but still with indomitable direction forwards. We hope you enjoy it, we can’t wait any longer to get to Spring!” Nyman/Levin

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About to finish the music for the dance work “Sans Sable” by Joakim Stephenson. Premiere in Stockholm 14/8, Vitabergsparken.

Preparing the music for the documentary by Nima Sarvestani: The Prison Sisters, which is the follow up of the Emmy-awarded “No Burqas behind bars”.

Preparing the music for Maryam Ebrahimis new documentary, edited by Jesper Osmund.

Working with the new Nyman/Levin album

Recording, mixing and mastering the swedish guitarduo Sederholm&Olsson’s second album. This time with baroque music.