I look at seasons like the concert houses and the theatres; a year starts in August and ends in June somewhere. Time to summarize  this working year of mine:


It all started in New York the first week in June where Pontus Lidberg and I ended the North American Tour of “This was written On Water”: Music here:

At the same time Nyman and I released a new album “Lost & Found”.
The funny thing with that title is that it was graphically gone on the album. The Black and White album had suddenly no title! 🙂 Anyhow, here is the album:

Then Pontus Lidberg and I went to Monte Carlo and created a new piece: “The Summer´s Winter Shadow”

The documentary “Those who said No” by Nima Sarvestani to who I had the honour to make the music for should be the target for many awards throughout the world this year. In July it was the Sole Luna International Film Festivals prize for the best film!

In September I had the pleasure to see Sister´s release of the Underworld cover of “Born Slippy”. Happy about my arrangement of the song:


To contrast this style I also had a premiere as an arranger. I wrote 10 arrangements for the  eminent swedish folk- and medievaltrio “Frispel” and the fantastic string orchestra Musica Vitae, Växjö Sweden:

In September I went back to the classical guitar tradition and wrote 6 Studies.

October continued to be my guitar month. Nyman/Levin joined ca 40 other guitarist to play with Terry Riley his legendary composition “In C” at Uppsala International Guitar Festival.

And in late October Nyman/Levin had another premiere: that one of the music for a new dance piece by Joakim Stephenson: “Sand”:

Then we went on with our tour, Nyman and I. First to our Heimat, Småland, then Gotland – to end up at Sabina Agnas beautiful “Vallentuna Guitarfestival” in November. Here you can listen to the soundfile from that gig:

Lot of internal work in November/December
I also did music for a performance at the Stockholm Filmfestival: Choreography Joakim Stephenson.

Skärmavbild 2015-10-13 kl. 15.05.57


In January I was proud to be one of the team to the Swedish Oscar award (Guldbaggen) for best documentary:

In February I made a spectactular thing: to bring music to Anna-Karin Karlsson´s new sunglass collection. Choreographer: Joakim Stephenson:

April 1: Yes! Single release by Nyman/Levin:

April 18: Solo album release of a minialbum with my ambient music.

May 3rd: New arrangements for the fantastic folk-flutist Göran Månsson , performed with the Nordic Chamber Ensemble.

May 24th: The extrordinary violinist Jan Stigmer performs an co-arrangement that we did a while ago: The re-arrangement of Paganini´s 4th violin Concerto. With Stockholm Sinfonietta in Riddarsalen, Stockholm. Rondo Galante:

Feb-June: Making the music for Nima Sarvstani´s follwing up film of the Emmy-award winning film “No Burqas behind Bars”.

May was a month of a lot of composing and recordings:

This was a really nice challenge, to write music for a Kick-starter project that I found really exciting:
(click the picture to get to film)
Skärmavbild 2016-06-10 kl. 13.35.28

New music for Joakim Stephenson´s abstraction over Ingmar Bergmans “Persona” Premier 1 of July, Bergmans Fårö, Gotland, Sweden.

Then a second world premier the month after in Stockholm:
Joakim Stephenson: “Sans Sable”. Big open air performance in Vitabergsparken, Stockholm. Please come 14/8 and 16/8!

That was a long and very interesting season, now 2 weeks holiday to check all batteries and load them with new music…