Spring 2020

Release 2020-02-21
Dancehall – The original music for the dance creation by Jeroen Verbruggen for Moscow Ballet Theatre. Available on all major digital platforms.


Dancehall cover
Next performance 27/2 in Moscow.


Acosta Danza tour dates for upcoming performances of “Paysage, Soudain , La Nuit”:

  • NOTTINGHAM, 10-11 April 2020

Click the cover to hear the music on Spotify:

October 2019

AcostaDanza goes on big tour in Britain the season 2019/2020. Starting in November!

30/10 “Avgång 23.11” Scalateatern, Stockholm
28-29/10 Norwich Theatre Royal: Acosta Danza: “Paysage, Soudain, la Nuit”. Music by Brouwer/Levin
26/10 “Dancehall” Moscow Ballet, Moscow.
24-27/10 “Siren”, Stadttheater Ingolstadt
22/10 “Avgång 23.11” Scalateatern, Stockholm
20-22/10 Gran Teatro, Havana, Cuba: “Paysage, Soudain, la Nuit”.
Music by Leo Brouwer and Levin.
16/10 “Avgång 23.11” Scalateatern, Stockholm
9/10 Scalateatern, Stockholm. Worldpremiere full evening musical: “Avgång 23.11” Stockholms Musikteater. Music by Levin after the theatre play “Tram 23.11” by Don Allen.

September 2019

27-29/10 Gran Teatro, Havana, Cuba: “Paysage, Soudain, la Nuit”.
21/9 “Sirene” Malmö. Dansk Danseteater. Music by Schubert and Levin
22/9 “Paysage, soudain, la nuit” Gran Teatro, Havana Cuba.
26/9 ”Dancehall”, by Jeroen Verbruggen, Moscow Ballet Theatre. Original score by Levin
27-29/9: “Paysage, soudain, la nuit”, Gran Teatro, Havana Cuba.

June 2019

21/6 World Premiere “Dancehall”, Moscow Ballet Theatre.
Choreography: Jeroen Verbruggen. Original score: S. Levin

March 2019

Release! One of my many collaborations with choreographer Pontus Lidberg was last years’ piece for the world known cuban dance company: Acosta Danza. The world premiere of the creation “Paysage, Sodain, la nuit” took place at Gran Teatro, Havana, 6/4 2018. Scandinavian tour in the summer of 2018. This autumn it will be performed at the Birmingham Hippodrom.





Link to better sound quality versions will appear here soon.

Writing the music for a new music drama – commissioned by
Stockholm Music Theatre.


1/3 Release of “la nuit”. Levin´s part of music for Pontus Lidberg´s creation “Paysage, Soudain, la nuit”

February 2019

Skärmavbild 2019-02-19 kl. 11.57.25.png

22/2 Theater Nordhausen. World Premiere.
“Der Tot and Das Mädchen”
by choreographer Ivan Alboresi. Music by Levin and Schubert.


15-17/2 Gran Teatro Havana, Acosta Danza
Perfomance of “Paysage, Soudain, la nuit” by Pontus Lidberg. Music by Leo Brouwer and Levin.


14/2 Parco della Musica Rome. Pontus Lidberg Dance/Dansk Danseteater.
Perfomace of “SIREN” by Pontus Lidberg.  Music by Levin and Schubert.

December 2018

Full preparations for the new ballet for Moscow Ballet Theatre with the belgian choreographer Jeroen Verbruggen.

November 2018

25/11 ”Bergman though the choreographer’s eye” This Sunday at 22nd Istanbul Theatre Festival, Turkey! Choreographers: Ekman, Isberg, Lidberg and Stephenson. Music by Chopin, Bach, Levin and Levin 🙂

23/11 “X&Y”by Anna Odell has premiere at the swedish cinemas. I did the original music.

15-25/11 Giants and The Morning After will compete at the
67 Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany.
I wish the hard working team from Fosfor Production all luck!

Skärmavbild 2018-10-31 kl. 00.47.16.png

At the same week to have two performances in two countries that seem so far from each other geographically and politically, but have clearly shown the same interest for art feels nice.
This weekend Seoul + Havanna:

(and me at the swedish country side, composing for a complete opposite place on that world  map 🙂
Skärmavbild 2018-10-31 kl. 00.39.44.png
Skärmavbild 2018-10-31 kl. 00.29.25
Skärmavbild 2018-10-31 kl. 00.00.07.png

2-4/11 Seoul Dance film Festival, South Korea.
Exited to return a second time this year with my music to South Korea.
Last time was with the documentary “Stronger than a Bullet” by Maryam Ebrahimi.
In this production “Ingmar Bergman through the choreographer´s eye” I got the opportunity to write music both for Joakim Stephenson and Pontus Lidberg creations. That dance-baby of ours now really walking around all over the world –on it´s own legs, beautiful.

October 2018

Skärmavbild 2018-10-31 kl. 00.22.53.png

Back in NYC at the Joyce Theatre, NYC. US Premiere fro Pontus Lidberg´s and my new piece “SIREN”. Three nights at best location on Manhattan! Fantastic dancers interpretate the old Ulysses myth…

September 2018

New page for Showreels!

6/9 at SVT. Swedish Documentary by Fosfor Production “Händelser i Ydre”


(Giants and the morning after)
On Swedish State Television (SVT)

August 2018

Skärmavbild 2018-08-23 kl. 08.58.10.png

31/8 World Premiere
”Siren” by choreographer Pontus Lidberg. Dansk Danseteater. Music by Levin and Schubert. Festival Oriente Occidente, Italy 31/8.

Seoul, South Korea 21-24/8. EIDF. Screening of ”Stronger than a Bullet” by Maryam Ebrahimi, Nimafilm. Editor Jesper Osmund. Music by Levin.

Dansk Danseteater tours together with Acosta Danza in Scandinavia (Cuba) with a mixed program where Pontus Lidberg’s  “Paysage, soudain, la nuit” has its European Premiere.


Vitabergsparken Stockholm 14-15/8

May/June 2018

8/6 Screening of “Ingmar Bergman through the choreographer´s eye”
European-Vietnamese Documentary Film Festival in Hanoi.

Review from HDVD ARTS:
 Well, Stephenson and the ladies pull it off. Aided by Stefan Levin’s distant-foghorn style music, the girls get into a special zone and you begin to think that what you are seeing is maybe better than the original. Which leads to another crazy thought: given the resources and legal rights, could Stephenson choreograph the entire movie?

April 2018


29/4 Screening of “Ingmar Bergman through the choreographer´s eye”
San Fransisco Dance Film Festival

Stockholm Premiere of “Giants & the morning after” (Händelser i Ydre)
Original score by me. The film will be screened on many cinemas in Sweden, for dates check Folkets Bio´s homepage: https://www.folketsbio.se/film/handelser-i-ydre/

The Great Trust Cover 0407

Album-Release #2, 2018
The music for a new dance work for Hessisches Staatsballett, Choreography: Jeroen Verbruggen. Music based on Bach´s Toccata BWV 565. I am grateful to the members of freesound.org from where I have used some exciting samples from smokeyvw and schluppipuppie.


6-8/4 World Premiere Havana, Cuba. Music for a New piece from choreographer Pontus Lidberg: “Paysage, Soudain, la Nuit”. Acosta Danza. Gran Teatro de Habana.

Swedish Premiere Sweden Folkets Bio . “Giants and the morning after”
Documentary by Fosfor Produktion
Ydre is a town in Östergötland, which has 3,500 inhabitants – the same amount of people that move to the Greater Stockholm area each month. Through a gallery of generous and unpredictable characters “Events in Ydre”  gives us an updated picture of the iconic Swedish nature. In the session, the filmmakers share their thoughts about myths and the reality of our society and their interpretation of it. Which images represent Sweden and who are we? Malla Grapengiesser Per Bifrost and Alexander Rynéus screen clips.
Read more (swedish)
On SVT in August.

March 2018

19/3 ”Giants and the Morning After” have been selected for CPH:Dox and will be competing in their international competition Dox:Award.
Swedish Premiere: Folkets Bio 13/4 . “Giants and the morning after”
Documentary by Fosfor Produktion. Music: Levin

Ydre is a town in Östergötland, which has 3,500 inhabitants – the same amount of people that move to the Greater Stockholm area each month. Through a gallery of generous and unpredictable characters “Events in Ydre”  gives us an updated picture of the iconic Swedish nature. In the session, the filmmakers share their thoughts about myths and the reality of our society and their interpretation of it. Which images represent Sweden and who are we? Malla Grapengiesser Per Bifrost and Alexander Rynéus screen clips.
Read more (swedish)
On SVT in August.

DVD Bergman

0309 WORLD PREMIERE on Blu-ray and DVD:
Levin and Nyman/Levin contributed with two pieces of the four and collaborated with the choreographers  Pontus Lidberg, Joakim Stephenson and actress Stina Ekblad.

Choreographers: Alexander Ekman, Pär Isberg, Pontus Lidberg and Joakim Stephenson.
Dancers: Alexander Ekman, Pontus Lidberg, Jenny Nilsson, Nathalie Nordqvist, Nadja Sellrup , Oscar Salomonsson.

February 2018

“The Great Trust” Staatstheater Darmstadt/Wiesbaden
(16 performances)
Choreography: Jeroen Verbruggen, Stagedesign: Thomas Mika. Music by Levin.



“Ingmar Bergman through the Choreographers eye”

Ingmar Bergman through the Choreographers eye”. Live in Piteå! 


January 2018

STAB cover5

Release of the new album with the original score (almost an hour!)  to Maryam Ebrahimi´s film “Stronger than a Bullet”.

0116 In Paris today!

The film was shot on the island where Ingmar Bergman lived for many years.  Four contemporary choreographers have created dance pieces which are a hommage to Bergman, and inspired by his words, voice and career.  This year’s competition has showcased a number of very strong dance films, but the winner excels in the exhilarating choreography, the vivid lighting, and the brilliant camerawork and editing.

“The Dreamer” by Pontus Lidberg


“Onapers” by Joakim Stephenson

Premiere at Gothenburg Filmfestival 29/1!
“Stronger than a Bullet” by Maryam Ebrahimi, Nimafilms


Happy New Year everyone!

This is going to be a year full of new creations. Starting the year off with a beautiful little short dance movie from Giovanni Bucchieri, more on that later.

Finishing the full length documentary “Giants and the morning after” by Fosfor Production. Premiere at swedish Folkets Bio in April. On SVT in August.

Fine polishing the new dance creation for Germany with choreography by Jeroen Verbruggen.

STAB cover5

Look out for this years first release: The original score for Maryam Ebrahimi´s movie: “Stronger than a Bullet”. Will be out on all major streaming services soon!

December 2017

Skärmavbild 2017-12-23 kl. 19.53.07.png

Finished the new part of the Levin Studios at St Eriksplan, Stockholm. That was the hit of the autumn – to create a new space where creativity can flow!
Here is a small documentation of the construction process:

Already had great meetings with a.o. choreographer Pontus Lidberg, filmer Giovanni Bucchieri,  Guitar duo Olsson&Sederholm and of course with Hans Nyman. All exciting projects for the spring.

November 2017

Rehearsels of the new creation ”The Great Trust” by Jeroen Verbruggen for the Staatsteater Darmstadt/Wiesbaden has begun. Music by Levin.

October 2017

Building a new studio part in central Stockholm: a recording room combined with a private cinema and a new control room. Everything in 7.1 soundsystem!

Release-concert with Nyman/Levin at Teaterstudio Lederman 6/10!

September 2017

Working on the ballet music to choreographer Jeroen Verbrüggen for Germany. Rehearsel starts in late November in Darmstadt…

Skärmavbild 2017-10-22 kl. 22.09.13.png

Finished the music for Maryam Ebrahimi´s strong documentary “Stronger than a Bullet”
Premiere at IDFA Competition for First Appearance in Amsterdam in november!

August 2017

Swedish Television SVT2 28/8 at 22.20:
What happened to Sara when she got out from the Afghanistan prison? A follow up from the Emmy-awarded documentary “Burqas behind bars” by Nima Sarvestani.
Sara came to Sweden and got permanent permission to stay in Sweden. Did she reach the freedom?
Watch this new documentary from Nima Sarvestani:

Music by Levin.


Very happy to announce the new collaboration with choreographer Jeroen Verbruggen
(www.v3rbrugg3n.com). We´we just started an amazing journey creating with a reference to J.S. Bach´s Toccata BWV 565. Been through a lot of nice investigations to get the abstraction of Bach´s historical piece in to a new creation and in to our time.
The premiere will be at Staatstheater Darmstadt and then Staatstheather Wiesbaden.
Here is sample of another piece from Jeroen when he is going baroque 🙂

Tickets out now: Half outsold already! Go here!

Working on a new documentary from Fosfor-production (fosforproduktion.se).
An exciting study about a smaller swedish town/village  – portraits, individual thoughts, common thoughts, politicians dreams, old myths and future perspectives mixed in an intersteting time testemony of the contemporary Sweden.

July 2017

Finished the score for film for “Stronger than a Bullet”, a very poetic film by Maryam Ebrahimi, Nimafilms (nimafilm.se)Satisfied with the musical content and its dramaturgy in the film. Will be released as an album in the autumn.

March 2017

Working on a score for Maryam Ebrahimi’s new film “Stronger than a Bullet”.

Finishing the recording of a new Nyman/Levin album!

3/3 Premiere “Prison Sisters (Systrar bakom galler)
Review from Svenska Dagbladet who gave the film top score 5 out of 5.

Skärmavbild 2017-03-07 kl. 21.09.14.png

February 2017

17/2 Release on all major digital streaming services: the original score for Giovanni Bucchieri´s short movie: “juliet, juliet & juliet”


3/2 Screening at Gothenburg Filmfestival “Afternoon encountering”. Here with actress Gunnel Lindblom and director Åsa Kalmér.


January 2017


31/1 Release with Nyman:

Two premieres at the Gothenburg Filmfestival:

“Afternoon Encounter”, manuscript: Henning Mankell. Director: Åsa Kalmér.
Starring Sven-Bertil Taube and Gunnel Lindblom.

The documentary by Nima Sarvestani: “Prison Sister”.

The two first screenings are sold out, but there are still tickets for the third one 31/1 at Göta2:

December 2016

Composing and mixing “Lily” a full evening dance creation by Yael Schiller and Saar Maderer. Premiere 24/12 Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mixing Hans Nyman’s “Baryton Trio” (Peter Nilsson, dr; Marcelo Gabard Pazos, Barytone sax; Hans Nyman Barytone-guitars)

November 2016

Finished the mix for the upcoming Dance evening. In december Swedish State Television presents “Ingmar Bergman through the choreographers Eye”.
Music by Bach and Levin.

October 2016

Working with the music for “Möte om eftermiddagen” starring Sven-Bertil Taube and Gunnel Lindblom. Director: Åsa Kalmér. The film is a part of Swedish State Television’s “Moving Sweden”


Finished the score for Nima Sarvestani´s new documentary “Prison Sisters”.

Finished the music for Giovanni Buccheri’s new dance film “Juliet, Juliet, Juliet” starring Ana Laguna, Stina Ekblad and Giovanni himself.

Contributed with music for the american poetry project Motion Poems:

Concert and workshop with Nyman/Levin Oskarshamn. Concert in Kråksmåla church.

September 2016

Reel from dance productions 2015/16

Göran Månsson

A new collaboration with flutist and percussionist Göran Månsson – improvised music based on contemporary sounds influenced by folk music and treasures from old times…

Working with two movies for Nimafilm.

Working with Pontus Lidberg on a future project.

Rehearsels with Nyman for October Tour.

August 2016

14+16/8 World premiere.
Choreographer Joakim Stephenson‘s new work “Sans Sable” was performed by Stockholm 59°North inStockholm, Vitabergsparken watched by ca 2500 people.

Greetings from legendary dancer Ana Laguna 🙂

June-July 2016

1/7 Double premiere at the Bergman week festival in a spectacular flight hangar. Live performance and TV-recording. Will be broadcasted in November -16 on SVT.


Skärmavbild 2016-07-01 kl. 13.33.59.png

Music to:
“Onapers” by Joakim Stephenson and New piece by Pontus Lidberg.

At the Bergman-festival I also had the opportunity to have dinner with the very sympatethic american film icon Willem Dafoe:


May 2016

2016-05-11 Single-release!
“The Queen and the transcendent Skipper”

Skärmavbild 2016-05-11 kl. 21.19.21

2016-05-24 at 19.00 Riddarsalen, Stockholm
Violinist Jan Stigmer with Stockholm Sinfonietta plays The Rondo Galante from N. Paganini’s 4th Violinconcerto in arrangement by Levin/Stigmer: Tickets here

Flutist Göran Månsson with Nordic Chamberensemble plays tunes by Månsson in arrangement by Levin:

Nordiska Kammarorkestern

Göran Månsson

April 2016

Have a pre-listening to the first track on the album “Traces”

Pressrelease Levin: Album release “Fogdogs – Traces From the Other Side”
A completely new album by Levin with music deriving from the ambient music tradition. Lean back and get transported towards the other side – where interruptions, sudden moves and real time don’t exist…

Pressrelease Nyman/Levin: Single release
The swedish Guitar Duo Nyman/Levin (www.nymanlevin.com) releases the single “Spring”.
“You might hear the piece as the rather slow moving swedish transition from a long winter to spring, where the green colours arrives with a certain hesitation,
but still with indomitable direction forwards. We hope you enjoy it, we can’t wait any longer to get to Spring!” Nyman/Levin


Click the cover to open in Spotify

About to finish the music for the dance work “Sans Sable” by Joakim Stephenson. Premiere in Stockholm 14/8, Vitabergsparken.

Preparing the music for the documentary by Nima Sarvestani: The Prison Sisters, which is the follow up of the Emmy-awarded “No Burqas behind bars”.

Preparing the music for Maryam Ebrahimis new documentary, edited by Jesper Osmund.

Working with the new Nyman/Levin album

Recording, mixing and mastering the swedish guitarduo Sederholm&Olsson’s second album. This time with baroque music.

Feb-March 2016

Working with two scores for Nimafilm. The continuation of the Emmy-awardwinnr “No Burqas behind bars” that will carry the title “Prison Sisters”.
That simultaneously with Maryam Ebrahimi´s new film.

Planning the prolonged stage version of choreographer Joakim Stephenson´s “SAND”.

Had a great time creating music for Joakim Stephensons choreography to Anna-Karin Karlsson´s extraordinary sunglasses:

Nathalie Nordqvist from the Royal Swedish Ballet also made a live performance at Bukowski´s in Stockholm in February.

January 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

Now working on a new piece with choreographer Joakim Stephenson.

Also about to start to compose the music for two (!) new very important documentary movies by Nima Sarvestani and Maryam Ebrahimi.

Preparing the february concert and workshop with Nyman/Levin in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

Working as a sound engineer/producer in the studio for a new album with the duo Sederholm&Olsson who now started the recording of their second album, this time with excellent baroque music.

Also producing Hans Nymans trio “Barytones” with studio recordings in end of January.

And the documentary “Förvaret” (Detained), to which I wrote the end song to, won the finest film award in Sweden “Guldbaggen”!

STOCKHOLM 2016-01-18 Filmen “Förvaret” av Anna Persson och Shaon Chakraborty tilldelas priset Bästa dokumentär vid Guldbaggegalan på Cirkus i Stockholm p måndagen. Foto: Jessica Gow / TT / Kod 10070

December 2015


Those Who Said No will have its Austrian premiere at the this human world film festival in Vienna in December. The film will be shown on December 6 at 18:00 at the Schikaneder cinema.


Proud to have written the ending song for this important documentary by Anna Persson and Shaon Chakraborty, which now has a chance in January to win the finest film prize in Sweden: “Guldbaggen”

November 2015

22/11 Nyman/Levin
Vallentuna Guitar Festival kl. 18.30

GITARRFESTiVALlentuna BAST 2015 BAST kopia

20/11 Price ceremony Stockholm Filmfestival 2015.
Stefan wrote the music for the dance performance by Stockholm59°North.
Choreography: Joakim Stephenson

Skärmavbild 2015-10-13 kl. 15.05.57


19/11 Nyman/Levin
Private Concert Stockholm

14/11 Swedish State Television (SVT)
Music for the dance film “Sand” by Nyman/Levin


Skärmavbild 2015-10-29 kl. 16.11.57

14/11 Concert Visby. Metodistkyrkan kl. 15.00
Nyman/Levin with Annika Fehling.


12/11 Nyman/Levin
Concert in Kråksmåla kyrka 19.00


October 2015

THOSE WHO SAID NO awarded by DOCSDF International Film Festival /Mexico as the BEST documentary.

Skärmavbild 2015-10-29 kl. 16.21.49

Original score by Levin.

* Stefan writes the music for the ceremony award to Stockholm Filmfestival in November 2015.

Skärmavbild 2015-10-13 kl. 15.05.57

event-link on the picture

* New music for an exciting film that is very secret up to this date…

17/10 “Okänd kvinna 2009-349701” by Anna Odell
* Stefan contributed with sounds to Anna Odells exhibition at Kulturhuset Stockholm

Skärmavbild 2015-10-13 kl. 15.04.32

event-link on the picture

12/10 22.00, 14/10 23:50, 15/10 14.05
* Nima Sarvestani’s documentary ”Those who said No” (De som sa Nej) will be broadcasted on Swedish State Television (SVT 1). Original score by Levin.

Those who said NO Itunes

Spotifylink on the picture

11/10 19.00 Uppsala Concert Hall.
* Levin is one of the guitarists playing with Terry Riley in his composition “In C”.



September 2015

Stefan’s arrangements and tour for the swedish string orchestra Musica Vitae together with the folk/Medieval group Frispel was a big success.

They also got the chance to play a small concert for 90 of the 200 astro/cosmo/taikonauts in the world! He was specially excited to talk to William A Anders who was one of the members in Apollo 8, who also took the fantastic picture Earthrise:



Stefan finished six concert etudes for classical guitar.

”Six Studies” is dedicated to the cuban composer/guitarist Leo Brouwer.

August 2015


28/8 VIDEO- & REMIX-RELEASE! Underworld´s ”Born Slippy”. Universal has commissioned a remix of the  SISTER-version arranged by Levin.

SVT 1 21/8 at 20.00. Stefan brought the music to the short movie ”Sussie and the Dollhouse” by Miryam Ebrahimi

July 2015


16/7 Premiere in Monte-Carlo! ”Summer´s winter shadow” by Pontus Lidberg. Music by Schubert and Levin.


16/7 Sole Luna, Italy: The prize of the International Jury for the Best Documentary has been awarded to Those who said no, by Nima Sarvestani, who had the courage of, after decades of silence, to deal with the theme of atrocities committed in Iran over the last 30 years.

June 2015

Music for choreographer Pontus Lidberg's Pas de Deux
Music for choreographer Pontus Lidberg’s Pas de Deux “This was Written on Water” (2014)

New York 6-7/6, Joyce Theatre. “Written on Water” Lidberg/Levin (prolonged version)

In NYC Stefan had the honour to be invited to the film composer Charles Gross, who wrote a lot of film music between the 60ies and 80 ies. Music for films starring Burt Lancaster, Tom Hanks a.o.