22/11 Nyman/Levin
Vallentuna Guitar Festival kl. 18.30

GITARRFESTiVALlentuna BAST 2015 BAST kopia

20/11 Price ceremony Stockholm Filmfestival 2015.
Stefan wrote the music for the dance performance by Stockholm59°North.
Choreography: Joakim Stephenson

Skärmavbild 2015-10-13 kl. 15.05.57Joakim

19/11 Nyman/Levin
Private Concert Stockholm

14/11 Swedish State Television (SVT)
Music for the dance film “Sand” by Nyman/Levin

Joakim  Skärmavbild 2015-10-29 kl. 16.11.57

14/11 Concert Visby. Metodistkyrkan kl. 15.00
Nyman/Levin with Annika Fehling.


12/11 Nyman/Levin
Concert in Kråksmåla kyrka 19.00


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