October 2015

THOSE WHO SAID NO awarded by DOCSDF International Film Festival /Mexico as the BEST documentary.

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Original score by Levin.

* Stefan writes the music for the ceremony award to Stockholm Filmfestival in November 2015.

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* New music for an exciting film that is very secret up to this date…

17/10 “Okänd kvinna 2009-349701” by Anna Odell
* Stefan contributed with sounds to Anna Odells exhibition at Kulturhuset Stockholm

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12/10 22.00, 14/10 23:50, 15/10 14.05
* Nima Sarvestani’s documentary ”Those who said No” (De som sa Nej) will be broadcasted on Swedish State Television (SVT 1). Original score by Levin.

Those who said NO Itunes

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11/10 19.00 Uppsala Concert Hall.
* Levin is one of the guitarists playing with Terry Riley in his composition “In C”.

 terry riley1